Summer feeling with candlelight

New in assortment: lacquered pillar candles from Eika

Fulda, May 6, 2014. Sunbeams shine through the window, outdoors it blooms all over. Summer is coming. For the warm season, with its beautiful moments Eika has now the perfect companions in the new range: lacquered pillar candles in bright colors create shimmering candlelight. "Whether as a decorative accessory in your living room or as a candle in a jar on the terrace or balcony - our lacquered pillar candles create a comfortable atmosphere in warm summer nights" emphasizes Alexandra Dörschmann, marketing manager at Eika candles.

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Enchanting lights for long, warm summer nights

Eika candles presents the highlights of the garden and balcony season

Fulda, June 4, 2014. Offers versatility with the candle of the summer of 2014: Eika candles presents the new jar Florida in current trend colors. Champagne, yellow, pistachio and purple are an integral part of this summer. Fresh shades conquer the textile industry and fascinate in the home decoration sector alike. \"Our new filled jar is not only decorative at garden parties and celebrations at home”reveals Alexandra Dörschmann, marketing manager at Eika candles.

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Easter in the candle-light

On the festive board and in the nest: Eika-Easter candles fit perfectly

Fulda, 26th of February, 2014. Easter time is a gifts time: Who would like to lay something other as chocolate eggs in the Easter nest, finds with Eika candles real alternatives. From the bunny candles up to the new Rustic-wax candle holder „happy Easter“, candle-light from Eika also puts this family feast in the right light.

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Colour without borders

Now it becomes coloured: Eika brings the spring home with fresh tones

Fulda, 10th of February, 2014. Finally: The spring comes and with it the signs stand also on light and colour by Eika. Wax accessories in turquoise, fuchsia or lemon and in combination with classical tones like white, yellow or grey bring great lighting effects in your own four walls. „Spring, 2014: That means more venture“, explains Alexandra Dörschmann, marketing manager of Eika candles. „With the decoration everything is permitted colour-technically.“ Who wants to bring fresh wind in his home with new light reflexions, puts with the assortment of the candle manufacturer from Fulda capably accents. The popular Rustic-wax candle holder are convincing in this spring in theirs round and in her square form. Their trendy colour variety and fantastic action of light is an optical highlight for every space, garden or balcony. Quite anew there are them with Eika in the nuances stone grey and turquoise.

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Luminous bright spots in the winter grey

Eika candles places with classics and novelties on lemongreen

Fulda, 14th of January, 2014. Dreary rain weather, thick cloud veils and grey sky: If it is sombre in winter outdoors and colorless, candles in bright colours bring the first spring feelings in your own four walls: „Candles create atmosphere and let forget dreary weather“, stresses Alexandra Dörschmann, marketing manager of Eika Kerzen. The traditional company from Fulda places to the new year on a classic under the spring colours: 35 different candle forms in lemongreen create luminous bright spots in the dark winter grey.

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Study of candles: Tips for the time after Christmas

Eika candles set even after the holidays accents

Fulda, 19th of December, 2013. Christmas is the feast of the lights and the candles. Everywhere shine the wonderworks from wax: Pillar candles in the Advent wreath, noble taper candles with the festive Christmas menu with the family and not least the well-known Christmas tree candles. However, what is after the holidays if the Christmas decoration disappears again? What do with the left-over tree candles? What to do with wax stains on the good tablecloth? And what happens with the half-burnt down candle cheroots of the Advent wreath? „With a few quick handles candles can be quickly re-decorate, stored securely and remove wax stains properly“, knows Alexandra Dörschmann, marketing manager of Eika Kerzen, and gives practically oriented tips for the candle time after Christmas.

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Candle variety for the Advent wreath

Brightly-colored or elegant: Eika offers candles for every decoration type

Fulda, 12th of November, 2013. Four big and 20 small candles on an old cartwheel – so the first Advent wreath looked which the pedagogue and theologian Johann Hinrich Wichern invented in 1839 to shorten the waiting period on the feast to children. Today the Advent wreaths are smaller, but are also more individual. Whether classical, modern, rustic or elegant: „For every taste there is the suitable wreath and for every wreath the suitable candles“, knows Alexandra Dörschmann, marketing manager of the Eika Kerzen GmbH. Every year the company produces numerous pillar candles for Christmas – in 20 different dimensions, 22 different colours as well as in smooth, shining or rustic structure.

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Wellness hours instead of Christmas stress

Eika candles embellish your spa days in your own bathroom

Fulda, 30th of October 2013. In the weeks before Christmas, the days are not only shorter and darker, but also more hectic: A break from the stress at this time offers a spa day. And does not always take place in a hotel or resort. With a few simple steps and your own bathroom can be transformed into a private spa: for example, candles create quickly a suitable wellness atmosphere with their soft lighting and pleasant aromas.

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Colorful like the nature

From orange to plum: Eika candles are available in many autumn tones

Fulda, 26th of September, 2013. The autumn becomes coloured: So colorfully as the leaves in the trees is also the Eika candle collection. „With our colour palette we would like to reflect the nature and take up nuances which stamp this season“, explains Alexandra Dörschmann, marketing manager of the Eika Kerzen GmbH. Twelve colours call the shots in the traditional candle manufacture with headquarter in Fulda: From the colorful orange about a fresh kiwi up to the strong plum or natural sand reaches the coloured range with which Eika candles bring the autumn in the house.

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Atmospheric lighting effects

Handmade: Rustic candles of Eika connect design and quality

Fulda, 3rd of September, 2013. If it is getting dark outdoors earlier, they are the right companions: Candles illuminate late-summery garden parties, are the eye-cachers of the first autumnal decorations and join in for Advent and Christmas. With the Rustic collection Eika offers a candle choice which puts bright and atmospheric accents with each of these opportunities – as an Outdoor-candle in the garden and on the balcony just as a luminous accessory in the festively decorated house. „The Rustic candles belong to the best-sellers in the assortment“, explains Alexandra Dörschmann, marketing manager of the Eika Kerzen GmbH. „You connect timeless design, high-quality quality and a long burning time.“

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