How Everything Began

Der Beginn der KerzeIn order to light up a room with as little smoke as possible, the Romans adapted the normally used torches to an object that resembled a candle in the 2nd century.

Although during the following centuries the candle obtained more and more the characteristics we connect with it nowadays – a braided wick, enclosed by a solid burning mass, the burnout was not easy at first. The candles had to be “blown” constantly, a term for shortening the wick and cleaning the top surface of the candle, in order to avoid dripping and sooting.
Goethe said in the 18th century: "Nothing better could be invented than candles which burn without cleaning."

In the process of the industrialization during the 19th century, his wish was heard: The discovery of the raw materials Paraffin and Stearin and the development of new weaving techniques for wicks increased quality significantly. Therefore, after having burned only for churches and nobility for centuries, the candle became accessible for all classes.