Candle Tips & Tricks for you

Tipps & Tricks rund um KerzenIn order to look good and burn well and clean, several care instructions should be noted:

The right care for the wick

  • When lighting the candle for the first time, the wick should be straightened up and the match- or lighter flame should not only touch the wick but also the wax. The wick is only able to burn properly when it soaks in enough wax.
  • If “wick blooms” occur or if a too long wick should bend over too far, cut the blossom and shorten the wick. After that the candle can be lit again.
  • In order to avoid unpleasantsmoke emission when extinguishing the candle, it is advisable to dip the wick into the wax and re-erect it again right away. This also insures that the wick doesn't dry out and is easy to light again.

Storing of candles

  • Candles should preferably be stored in a cool, dry and dust-free place. Dark storage is also advantageous for preventing discolouration.
  • Never put candles close to heat sources (e.g. car in summer), since they could become deformed.


  • The good traditional remedy for wax stains is still reliable: put the textile into the freezer for a short time and then pick up the wax carefully. If there should still be wax stains after that, put a paper towel or plotting paper on the stain and carefully iron over it.
  • Little scratches can be rubbed off with a fine-meshed nylon stocking.