Security Advice

Hinweise zum sicheren Umgang mit KerzenCandles are open and living light and thus have to be observed permanently. The most important rule is: Never leave burning candles unattended and follow the producer information on the labels.

  • Never put candles close to flammable or easy combustible material or textiles (e.g. curtains)
  • Candles should always stand upright, to avoid dripping or toppling
  • Always make sure the candle stands on a solid, inflammable and especially an even base
  • Do not burn candles within the reach of children or animals
  • Be sure to provide enough space between both candles and objects and between candles. Especially when candles are burned in shelves, there should be a clearance distance of at least 30cm between the top of the flame and the shelf and there should be a 10cm space between candles.
  • Votives are only allowed to be burned in a glass or a bowl since they liquefy when burning