Seasonal Assortment


SaisonkerzenEaster without egg candles as a matching table decoration? Summer parties without the festive light of torches and candles in lanterns? Unimaginable, isn't it? We provide you with a widespread assortment for all occassions spring and summer can offer.


SaisonkerzenWinter time is candle time. The longing for warmth and light during the dark season is as old as mankind itself.
Festive candle light creating a cozy atmosphere and waking up emotions is a real feelgood factor in this time. 
Our product innovations are as multifaceted as the occasions they are lit for. A flower arrangement for advent, the classical set table for Christmas Eve or just an accessory for your apartment decoration. Simple and opulent products, classical and modern ones, timeless and trendy ones, for every day and every festive day.