Summer feeling with candlelight

New in assortment: lacquered pillar candles from Eika

The new candles from Eika - available in the colours fuchsia, pistachio, turquoise and yellow - impress with their special and shiny apperance, enchanting, and outstanding design. Decoration lovers are thrilled by the delicate floral pattern because the shiny pillar candles are also available in a flowering variant.

They are perfect for the summer of 2014 and are a real looker.

Dörschmann: "The playful floral motive is simply a decorative accent. The laquered surface gives the candle a particularly noble character."


Splash of color for your walls

Speaking of accents: the pillar candles from Eika suit all styles.

In pistachio, they harmonize perfectly with all natural green shades.

In vigorous fuchsia or yellow, the candles are a summer splash of color.

Who combines with white is setting the color blocking trend that still continues in the fashion industry and can be found in decorations as well.

Even for relaxing and having the summer vacation feeling at home the laquered pillar candles from Eika fit perfect.

Together with some sand, blue and white accessories and bivalve mollusks collected from the beach they set an optical highlight.

In turquoise they top up the maritime atmosphere and make a good mood: So the anticipation of the summer holidays is growing indoors, already.