Colour without borders

Now it becomes coloured: Eika brings the spring home with fresh tones

Fulda, 10th of February, 2014. Finally: The spring comes and with it the signs stand also on light and colour by Eika. Wax accessories in turquoise, fuchsia or lemon and in combination with classical tones like white, yellow or grey bring great lighting effects in your own four walls. „Spring, 2014: That means more venture“, explains Alexandra Dörschmann, marketing manager of Eika candles. „With the decoration everything is permitted colour-technically.“ Who wants to bring fresh wind in his home with new light reflexions, puts with the assortment of the candle manufacturer from Fulda capably accents. The popular Rustic-wax candle holder are convincing in this spring in theirs round and in her square form. Their trendy colour variety and fantastic action of light is an optical highlight for every space, garden or balcony. Quite anew there are them with Eika in the nuances stone grey and turquoise.

The mixture makes it

„The trend colours adapt themselves perfectly in available colour worlds“, according to Dörschmann with look at the home furnishings in house and garden. „Harmoniously, trendy, classically and elegantly: Our candles connect modern and traditional colours.“ Of course decoration-lovers have to give up by candle-light in the spring nothing, because the Rustic-wax candle holders of Eika are available in twelve different colours, among others in loud orange or luminous red.

Spring feelings outside

For the nice hours on the balcony or in the garden Eika has the suitable and above all a  wind-firm companion, the Terra-flame bowls. They are available in a summery yellow, tender blue, vivid pink and noble white. The flame bowls, which no wind can harm it, burn up to 14 hours. They create a special atmosphere for the first solar hours outside, fit perfectly to romantic sundowns or are an eyecatcher during barbecue.