Luminous bright spots in the winter grey

Eika candles places with classics and novelties on lemongreen

Fulda, 14th of January, 2014. Dreary rain weather, thick cloud veils and grey sky: If it is sombre in winter outdoors and colorless, candles in bright colours bring the first spring feelings in your own four walls: „Candles create atmosphere and let forget dreary weather“, stresses Alexandra Dörschmann, marketing manager of Eika Kerzen. The traditional company from Fulda places to the new year on a classic under the spring colours: 35 different candle forms in lemongreen create luminous bright spots in the dark winter grey.

Taper candles and pillar, ball, Rustic and floating candles, round and square wax candle holder or seasonal products like egg candles – they all offers Eika in the strong lemon tone. „This fresh green looks relaxing and compensatory and is a great contrast to the winter grey“, according to Dörschmann. However, not only as a colorful mood doer in the wintertime wax accessories are asked in lemon. The popular candle colour – one most-bought at Eika – has developed meanwhile from the seasonal trend tone to the whole year colour: „The nuance is an allrounder“, knows the marketing manager. „They let themself many-sided combine and decorate during the entire season.“ At the Easter time, for example, with bright, sunny-yellow colours, flowers and accessories, summery with wac candle holders in lemon and loud fuchsia. And pillar candles in warm-cosy cappuccino put the right colour accent in autumn.

New: noble-shining varnish candles

The candle manufacture extend the lemon coloured range of products continuously: Beside classics like Easter bunny candles, candles in egg form and wax candle holders new Eika candles also shine in spring, 2014 in the proven lemongreen. Thus also lacquered pillar candles decorate in this season for the first time living room, balcony and festival board. The noble-shining candles are available in four colours and with fine, springlike flower decoration: Beside oker yellow, fuchsia and turquoise of course also in lemon. Alexandra Dörschmann: „As a fresh, many-sided and popular tone this nuance simply belongs to it and is not possible to imagined it without the others.“