Study of candles: Tips for the time after Christmas

Eika candles set even after the holidays accents

Fulda, 19th of December, 2013. Christmas is the feast of the lights and the candles. Everywhere shine the wonderworks from wax: Pillar candles in the Advent wreath, noble taper candles with the festive Christmas menu with the family and not least the well-known Christmas tree candles. However, what is after the holidays if the Christmas decoration disappears again? What do with the left-over tree candles? What to do with wax stains on the good tablecloth? And what happens with the half-burnt down candle cheroots of the Advent wreath? „With a few quick handles candles can be quickly re-decorate, stored securely and remove wax stains properly“, knows Alexandra Dörschmann, marketing manager of Eika Kerzen, and gives practically oriented tips for the candle time after Christmas.

Red, green and gold – in the Advent season and to the feast candles are in demand in classical Christmas colours very much. Afterwards they are mostly stored or even disposed of. „Besides, they can also set the whole winter through effective accents – if they are properly arranged“, explains Dörschmann. Thus golden gleam candles of Eika with warm brown tones and cappuccino tones look immediately less Christmassy, green Rustic pillars get in the interaction with loud berry colours a fresh mark and candles in simple stone grey let red wax accessories look warm and timeless.

Keep candles properly: drily, chilly and dustlessly

Who has enough of Christmas candles, this should keep, nevertheless. „With the right storage the candles are also operational to the next feast“, according to Dörschmann. „They must be stored only drily, dustlessly and chilly.“ If the depository is still dark, the candles don’t change colour during the waiting period of Christmas. An advantage of the time out for tree canldes & Co.: „After a longer storage time the candles harden and burn themselves down very well“, knows Alexandra Dörschmann. „We have customers who buy her tree candles therefore consciously a year in advance.“ And thus the noble tablecloth is punctual for the next Christmas back to work, wax stains are easily and quickly frozen in the freezer, and then removed. .„A trick which has really proved itself with wax leftovers in textiles“ says the marketing and candles expert. How it works: Tablecloth briefly put in the freezer, let the wax firm up and then carefully lift it off. Then the next festive (Christmas) dinner, nothing stands in the way.