Wellness hours instead of Christmas stress

Eika candles embellish your spa days in your own bathroom

Fulda, 30th of October 2013. In the weeks before Christmas, the days are not only shorter and darker, but also more hectic: A break from the stress at this time offers a spa day. And does not always take place in a hotel or resort. With a few simple steps and your own bathroom can be transformed into a private spa: for example, candles create quickly a suitable wellness atmosphere with their soft lighting and pleasant aromas.

"Candle light has a warm, calming and harmonizing effect", says Alexandra Dörschmann, marketing director of Eika Kerzen GmbH in Fulda. "Candles are the perfect accessory for time-outs from everyday life." Small tea lights at the edge of the bathtub, pillar candles on the tray, scented candles around the room - the possibilities to transform your own bathroom into an oasis of relaxation are endless. For an effective wellness experience by candlelight ensures the Rustic wax candle holder of Eika, for example. A tealight inside illuminated the rustic structure, thus creating a fantastic light effect. "There can nothing tip over or drop, and so the relaxing bath disturbing," says Dörschmann. Currently, the candle holders are available in two shapes and sizes, and twelve different colors, brand new put a flashy turquoise and a natural subtle stone gray color accents.

Scented Candles: Orange revived , vanilla relaxed

Who wants to enjoy with all your senses, you should rely on scented candles by your spa day at home. "Scents free your mind and develop - depending on the note - their very own effect," says Alexandra Dörschmann. "It is important that the scent is unobtrusive and the ingredients of the candle are absolutely harmless." For this reason, all provided Eika scented candles are provided with the RAL quality mark for which the products pass a strict quality control. Total includes ten candles with 16 different notes to our collection and offer the right wellness flavor for every taste: Whether Rustic Pillar with invigorating "orange sherbet", colored through and scented votive candles in glass with warm "cinnamon" or practical canned candles with relaxing "Milk & Honey". Christmas becomes the time-out with the winter sorting of the Barcelona scented candles. They smell of vanilla, roasted spices or chocolate truffles and thus ensure a stress free and relaxed Advent season and anticipation of Christmas.