Atmospheric lighting effects

Handmade: Rustic candles of Eika connect design and quality

Fulda, 3rd of September, 2013. If it is getting dark outdoors earlier, they are the right companions: Candles illuminate late-summery garden parties, are the eye-cachers of the first autumnal decorations and join in for Advent and Christmas. With the Rustic collection Eika offers a candle choice which puts bright and atmospheric accents with each of these opportunities – as an Outdoor-candle in the garden and on the balcony just as a luminous accessory in the festively decorated house. „The Rustic candles belong to the best-sellers in the assortment“, explains Alexandra Dörschmann, marketing manager of the Eika Kerzen GmbH. „You connect timeless design, high-quality quality and a long burning time.“

As pillar and ball candles in a total of twelve dimensions, twelve smells and 14 colours the Eika classics with the noble-rustic structure are available – at the autumn and wintertime now also in discreet grey and fresh kiwi green. „The new colours can be combined variously and improve in appearance autumnal as well as Christmassy decorations“, according to Dörschmann. Especially atmospheric the Rustic candles also work if different dimensions and colours are arranged and are lighted at the same time. Then a loud fuchsia is a luminous contrast to the new grey, classical bordeaux a nice supplement to the timeless champagne. If the flames illuminate the structured wax amusing light plays with wind lighting effect originate. Since: „While burning down the upper part of the candle is always illuminated with what emphasises the unique structure once again“, knows Alexandra Dörschmann.

Every candle a unique specimen

This brand name is the result of manual labour steeped in tradition: Every single Rustic the candle which is produced year after year is a unique specimen. The liquid paraffin wax is touched with colour, the wicks are threaded in the metal forms and the wax is poured several times. „Besides, the coarse surface structure and iridescing optics of the candles originates from the relatively chill filling temperature of 60 to 70 degrees centigrade“, explains Alexandra Dörschmann. Thus every Rustic candle of Eika gets her quite own look – and creates every evening with candle-light a quite personal atmosphere.

About Eika candles

The Eika Kerzen GmbH was founded in 1824 as one of the first candle manufactures of Europe in Hessian Fulda and counts today to the leading candle manufacturers of Europe. The traditional company occupies 100 employees and is managed since 2008 by manager Mark Toschek. With about 1,000 different products like taper, - pillar and ball candles, tea lights, seasonal candles and scented candles, individual custom-made products as well as candle accessories and accessories, Eika offers one of the widest candle assortments all over Germany. Eika products carry the stamp of quality RAL which stands for high quality and the use of high-quality, environment-friendly raw materials. Eika candles are available in their own outlet store in Fulda, in the specialised trade and retail trade as well as also online under www.eika-kerzen.de.